Welcome to the development blog of Rob Nutter. I am a 3D artist working in the heritage sector. This blog is a natural partner for my portfolio site, R & H Visualisation.

Some questions I’ve already been asked are:

  • Is the work on this blog a complete collection of your work?

Absolutely not! This is simply a selection of ongoing work I’ve chosen to present in a work-in-progress state or discussions I’ve decided to post.

  • What is the logo meant to be/represent?

The logo is my pseudonym, ‘R & H’, taking on the basic form of Victorian winding gear, used for mining throughout the period. It’s seen, looking from the ‘front’ with the ‘+’ letter being the gear itself.

  • Do you undertake other 3D work?

While I am interested in expanding my range, not right now.

  • How do you decide what to build/projects to do?

There is no one thing, but it is usually born of a desire to learn more about the structure or artifact itself.

  • What’s with the name? Why not ‘Rob’s Blog’?

The name ‘Telford’ is from the great engineer Thomas Telford. Seeing as most of my work is based on structures either never built or long lost, calling it a ‘Notebook’ as opposed to a ‘Presentation’ or something seemed appropriate. It also sounds cool.

  • How do I go about contacting you?

The best way would be to visit my portfolio site, RHViz.com, and use the contact form there. You can also SUBSCRIBE to this blog to keep up with new posts.

  • What makes 3D artwork different to a painting or illustration?

My models are 100% ‘built’. What this means, is that instead of portraying a certain angle or aspect of a physical object I am actually building them from the ground up in a 3D space; this means they can be fully explored at any angle, perspective or viewpoint. The landscape, lighting composition and textures of objects are also fully created from scratch meaning full control over project aesthetic and ‘look’. Finally, accurate proportion and scale (to the millimetre in some cases) means 3D models are functionally useful from a scientific or practical perspective.